As a voluntary sector organisation, you’re essentially responsible for helping people to stay healthy, reducing ill health, and often tackling both mental and physical health and wellbeing.

We understand your focus is on the wider public benefit, rather than statutory service delivery. All the same, future sustainable provision relies on statutory-sector funding.

How Prime GP can help

Long-term commitment and investment significantly benefits both patients/clients as well as statutory-service providers. However, the voluntary sector is often overlooked when health services are commissioned.

We understand that to secure future funding and continue to support your patients/clients, you need to demonstrate how your work produces measurable, health-related benefits.

To help you, we’ll:

  • Review and translate your high-quality services into good clinical practice, ensuring effective, measurable solutions
  • Establish relationships with commissioners, enabling you to be viewed as equal contributors to the NHS’s future sustainability
  • Implement innovation and change in clinical environments
  • Produce an evidence-base that supports the valuable role your service contributes to the health agenda
  • Support you to seek funding, coordinate and liaise with partners to ensure a joined-up approach, and make change and innovation measurable and successful for all involved

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