As a public-health body, you’re essentially responsible for helping people to stay healthy, and reducing ill health. This requires long-term commitment and investment. It involves a critical look at the wider factors that address and support behaviour change, to help meet the health needs of the entire population.

We understand the challenge this presents in a world that seems to invest in reactive service provision – yet seeks immediate improvements and financial savings.

How Prime GP can help

We know that preventing illness and promoting health reduces avoidable and unplanned admissions, and improves long-term healthcare. So we’ll help you demonstrate to commissioners that prevention and early intervention need to be prioritised.

Focusing on your vision for the future, we can work with you to turn desired outcomes and indicators into robust, swiftly executed projects that produce early evidence to help stakeholders understand how well public health is being improved and protected.

To help you, we’ll:

  • Seek out an evidence base that supports your decisions
  • Complete options appraisals where necessary, providing choices and benchmarking information
  • Coordinate and liaise with partners to ensure a joined-up approach where possible
  • Make change and innovation measurable and successful for all involved

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