As an NHS Trust, you’re essentially responsible for providing high-quality healthcare and spending public money efficiently. You also decide how hospitals and community services will develop, so that patient care improves.

Historically, Trusts have worked in isolation, separate from primary and social care. We understand the pressures you deal with, balancing quality with increasing financial strains and constantly being measured on outcomes.

With endless meetings to attend and initiatives to develop, there’s little time to commit to generating ideas involving patients, carers and key stakeholders. And of that wasn’t challenging enough, resources are scarce for clinically-led project management.

We work on the premise that any delay experienced by patient, staff or organisation within a pathway of care produces inefficiency and avoidable cost. Streamlined services are more cost effective, appreciated, convenient and safer.

We can provide you with a commercially-driven approach that will work towards the future vision of providing integrated primary and acute care systems (PACs) or becoming part of a multi-speciality community provider (MCP). Better still, our work is swiftly executed with clear outcomes, thanks to our clinical confidence and experience of engaging and building relationships with patients, carers and communities – resulting in greater integration across all sectors.

How Prime GP can help

Having experienced your challenges first-hand, we know how to support you in responding and adapting to changing local circumstances – as well as engaging with patients, carers and stakeholders, and driving innovation forward.

Focusing on your vision for the future, we can work with you to provide the best possible health outcomes for your local population by:

  • Identifying an evidence base that lends itself to your decisions
  • Completing options appraisals where necessary, providing choices and benchmarking information
  • Coordinating and liaising with partners to ensure a joined-up approach where possible
  • Making change and innovation measurable and successful for all involved
  • Breaking down barriers and bringing commercial know-how to assessing the value of cross-organisational working.

Innovation will be explored, developed and managed carefully with all stakeholders, providing confidence and helping you to be seen as a swift and efficient contributor to the change required to sustain the future of health services.

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