As a GP, or one GP in a federation, or as a Federation, you’re in a prime position to influence and improve the health and wellbeing of your population. Yet we understand how most GPs are too busy to look up from the patient, consider alternative ways of doing things, learn and share with their colleagues, and introduce sensible changes.

Federations are a great way of building relationships, improving standards, and using the influence of a larger organisation as bargaining power. The potential is huge but often resource can still be too fragile, with implementation and development delayed.

How Prime GP can help

Two GPs founded Prime GP because of threats to the sustainability of general practice. We can help you work in ways that suit you and your patients – whether that’s as an individual practice, collectively, or by federating.

We run successful practices with high-quality scores and high levels of patient satisfaction. With our knowledge of clinical commissioning groups and the demands of practice, we ensure any new initiatives entering general practice are planned, deliverable, and measurable, with minimal impact to GP workloads and maximum recompense.

We know the characteristics of a successful federation and have the business expertise required to support you to drive this forward for better outcomes for all involved.

We’ll help you by:

  • Reviewing your current practice and helping you move towards the changes required within the NHS to make it sustainable
  • Exploring and evaluating your federation, reviewing characteristics of success and some of the common pitfalls to maximise both patient outcomes and your income potential
  • Securing your practice’s individuality and integration across health and social care, primary and secondary care, and mental and physical health
  • Increasing engagement with patients and carers to encourage purposeful relationships and greater self-care
  • Improving access and raising patient satisfaction
  • Seeking opportunities to implement innovation and increase your income
  • Developing processes to introduce beneficial changes swiftly, with little or no disruption to your practice

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