Prime 75+ promotes socialisation in the ageing population to reduce dependence on the health service.

It is a primary care service for patients aged 75 and over, that proactively identifies those most likely to be lonely, socially isolated and frail.  Prime75+ offers users health, social and voluntary care interventions to reduce their dependency on GP, health and social care services.  

Find out about the benefits of Prime 75+

Prime75+ is proven to;

  1. Raise healthcare outcomes

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  1. Reduce spend on avoidable admissions

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  1. Free up GP appointments

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How does Prime 75+ work?

Prime 75+’s simple model of care produces a step change in the cost of delivering better healthcare outcomes by promoting partnership between a GP practice and their local community to provide convenient, safe and reliable care that is focused on the lonely, socially isolated and frail.

See our news section for details of the latest Prime75+ service success stories.

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