Reducing GP workload, increasing patient self-care and personalising the patient/doctor relationship

The Accessible GP creates proactive and patient centred solutions to improving health and wellbeing. Prime GP can provide a transformational business model that reduces GP workload, increases patient self-care and personalises the relationship between doctor and patient.  We want to help and encourage practices to seize the initiative to drive digital change and increase proactive communication and support for patients using a combination of behavioural change interventions with a digital communication platform. 

What will it do?

The Accessible GP will reduce patient demand, raise GP morale and improve quality of service.

• Provide a sustainable, scalable and high quality Primary Care service
• Encourage practices and patients to seize the digital initiative provided by their GP
• Change the way that patients interact with services in the future
• Improve patient satisfaction and confidence
• Optimise key public health messages to targeted audiences


The Digital Challenge Facing GPs

New technology + Old Behaviours = Expensive Old Business

Short term public sector interventions, responding to increased demand by doing more of the same, and heavy GP workloads hinder the introduction of new ways of working.

The Government is responding to health service pressures by prioritising activities that motivate patients to look after their own health.

Around 60-70% of premature deaths are caused by poor health behaviours, and 25-40% of the population feel ill-equipped to make improvements themselves (The King’s Fund, 2014).

It is recognised that online technologies can play a vital role in promoting greater self-care, while also creating operational efficiencies. More than 70,000 websites disseminate health information to in excess of 50 million people (2001). But health professionals express concern that the quality of information can vary wildly, much is inaccurate or irrelevant, it fragments services with users finding it hard to navigate.

The Accessible GP will help you to change this - whether you're an individual practice, a Federation/Cluster or an innovative CCG or Public Health.



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