Supporting your interpersonal communications – the seven critical skills to help you to inform, influence or inspire

Whether you’re called upon to inform, influence or inspire, our team of experienced facilitator/coaches can help you deliver. We offer workshops, group sessions, and one-to-one executive coaching.

With ever more demands upon your time, and an expanding list of responsibilities, you may be considering extending your skills, or your team’s, to encompass...

  1. Values-based leadership
  2. Building high-performing teams
  3. Exceptional customer care
  4. Handling challenging conversations
  5. Influencing without authority
  6. Delivering persuasive presentations
  7. Time management and personal effectiveness

These highly practical workshops, tailored to the health profession, give you tools and techniques that yield tangible results. Our expert workshop leaders work with groups on the “what” and the “how” of these seven critical skills.

One-to-one executive coaching

As well as “one-to-many” format, classroom-based workshops, our facilitator/coaches provide one-to-one support for those needing a confidential sounding board to help them resolve challenges and talk through roadblocks.

Your executive coach aims to help you to identify the skills and capabilities within you, enabling you to use them to the best of your ability. Through a series of focused conversations, they’ll help you shift your perspective and thereby discover different solutions to achieve your goals.

We can help you to:

  • Map out your career path or refocus your career plans
  • De-clutter your systems to enhance personal efficiency and effectiveness
  • Successfully lead others on a journey of change, and overcome resistance
  • Resolve a clash of personalities that’s causing long-term productivity issues
  • Understand how to influence successfully, regardless of personality type
  • Host meetings that reach their objectives in the time allowed
  • Raise your profile through impactful presentations or conference speeches
  • Maximise your return on investment from bid-winning activities

1. Values-based leadership

Good leaders have willing followers. This workshop helps you articulate your proposition as a leader, and examines the four main values that will make you a compelling leader.

2. Building high-performing teams

You and your team work in a pressured environment where clear communication lines are crucial to achievement. This workshop takes an intact team through a series of examples, exercises and discussions to bring about a contract for success.

3. Exceptional customer care

With ever increasing choice, the patient scrutinises the service offering more keenly than ever. This workshop covers the “moments of truth” that make up the patient experience, and looks at ways to not just deliver, but to delight.

4. Handling challenging conversations

Whether it’s delivering bad news, offering feedback, or responding to a verbal attack, understanding the best way to communicate under pressure is an integral part of the demanding healthcare environment.

5. Influencing without authority

Without “positional power”, influencing those around you is a foundational skill in today’s leaner working environment. It’s important to remember that people do things for their reasons, not yours. Therefore, gaining an understanding of behaviour versus motivation makes gaining others’ cooperation much easier.

6. Delivering persuasive presentations

Informing, influencing or inspiring an audience needs careful preparation and competent delivery. This workshop provides structure and techniques to ensure you reach your intended outcome.

7. Time management and personal effectiveness

One of the most precious and finite commodities, time is something to be used profitably. Falling prey to the “noise of urgency” can mean we overlook the important. This workshop is packed with timesaving ideas – all of which add up to larger aggregated gains.

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