Understand and make best use of your team and services for service users and communities.

Our proactive and supportive approach, skill mix, expertise, and knowledge can bring a fresh perspective, and help you review your current operational or strategic thinking.

Our clinical team understands the commissioners’ perspective. And also how it feels to be a service provider, under considerable demand, having to meet targets with little and often short-term investment.

Our consultancy service can help you translate good clinical practice into effective, measurable solutions, quickly, effectively and locally.

Our skills, and combined experience across business sectors, equip us to know what the road ahead looks like, and we can help you plan for it. Change is a constant, particularly across health, social care and the voluntary sector. Changes in any of these can have knock-on effects to all of your services. We know how to run health and commercial businesses, the importance of the synergies between them, and understand the transferability of models.

We combine all the necessary elements that enable successful change:

  • Committed, respected leadership that engages staff
  • A culture and environment that embraces and supports change
  • A structure that ensures rapid, high-quality implementation
  • Capabilities and skills to identify and solve problems
  • Systems that measure and communicate impact
  • Resources and support for change

We’ll work collaboratively with you and support you to:

  • Recognise the need to change
  • Have the motivation to change
  • Have the ‘headspace’ to make change happen
  • Have the right capabilities and skills to support the change

In doing this, we can help you achieve your vision, improve outcomes, and help ensure the NHS’s sustainability.

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